Music with Ms. Baker

Alward Elementary Music

MUSIC MAKERS through song, movement and PLAY.

Alward elementary music classes are designed to create a rich environment in which students can interact.  Our students spend a great amount of time experiencing music in a variety of ways. This can give them the freedom to later manipulate those same songs through movement and eventually express those experiences through reading and writing.   We manage to have a lot of fun with various musical activities involving movement, language, song, interactive play, social interaction and logical thought. The song materials and activities used promote attentiveness, imagination, creativity and joy.  Each music class is packed with fun-filled musical activities to enrich musical growth and development.

A very short list of Alward music activities:

Echo singing, name game songs, chase/tag songs, folk dances, movement songs, instrument playing, beat passing games, dramatization of songs, mapping/drawing the various sections of a piece, listening puzzle challenges, storytelling, rhyming games, etc…     

Overall goals of the Alward music program:

  1. To provide the best possible musical environment, rich in play.
  2. To help students develop a level of musical understanding and skills.
  3. To help each student find his/her musical potential.
  4. To lay the foundation for a lifetime of music making and enjoyment.

A few everyday things to do at home:

  1. Sing to (and with) your child, often.
  2. Play music via itunes, youtube, cd’s, cell phones, internet radio, etc…
  3. Invest in some age-appropriate instruments.
  4. Sing familiar songs but without the words.  See if your child can guess what they are.
  5. Play “The Freeze” game.  All participants dance and sing to the music being played while the person controlling the music stops the music to catch all singer/dancers off guard.
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